Saturday, February 24, 2018

It worked with Pilots, it will work with Teachers

I'm not the only one on this band wagon.
Gaffer Joe Biden's Safe schools has made them anything BUT safe. Go Figger! The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act does not protect patients, and health care is less affordable now than prior to Barry's Obozocare.
When the dems assign a catchy name to anything, you can rest assured it will do the exact opposite. Republicans don't do all that much better, but at least they say they want to repeal the dem communist crap.
We need to repeal the gun free zones garbage that made schools a target rich environment for liberals with firearms and anger issues.
The only drawback, Most teachers are loony flaming commie liberals. That is why I want to make participation in the military mandatory for being a teacher. I want only patriots teaching my grandkids. That will drive the liberal teachers and admin sprinting. Keep them away from children. Keep them away from adults also.


Unknown said...

the military is FULL of libs. lookin for a quick 20 year free ride on the govt tit.

JeremyR said...

I met very few liberals during my 21 years in the military. Some, but not very many. May have changed with obamunism purging the upper echelons though.