Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Is Carter Page an innocent victim or a plant?

Yesterday, Sundance laid out how Carter Page went from being an FBI undercover in an FBI investigation to being the cause for the DOJ obtaining a warrant to spy on The Trump campaign.
The FBI used Carter to spy on Evgeny Buryakov beginning some time in 2013 and all the way up to March of 2016 when Buryakov PLED GUILTY! They spent years building an identity and a case. Is it possible that they  decided to continue using their neatly crafted stage for another play? Seriously, Carter Page was not compromised publicly. He did not have to take the stand in a trial since Buryakov pled guilty. No one was going to run to Donald Trump and tell him the guy was working, or had worked for the FBI.
The news reports about his involvement with the Russian government were part of the act used to catch Buryakov, so some one at DOJ made a decision to release the fake resume to the press and then used the press article to obtain the warrant used to spy on Trump.
For all this, they might as well have had Christoph Waltz join his campaign, then used that as their probable cause. Waltz played Blofeld in the Last James Bond film. Aboout as much substance, and possibly more character.
Who am I kidding? They wold have made up any lie they thought would work.

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