Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Trustworthy science

For as long as I can remember, we have been told that radio carbon dating is the most accurate and infallible method of determining the age of fossilized organisms, bones, wood, all things organic.
Back in the 1980's, scientists uncovered a mass grave in England filled with what appeared to be remains of warriors from the Viking era. Carbon dating though placed the remains at a much older age, and even though the physical artifacts such as weapons indicated they were part of the Great Army that drove the king of Mercia into exile.
Now we are told that new carbon dating confirms this, and the older dates were caused because of reservoir effect because the Viking ate a diet containing lots of fish.
Huh? We have fossils of fish that are supposed to be millions of years old. How severe is this reservoir effect? Are these fish fossils only a few thousand years old? Modern scientists like older numbers. Since they deny GOD exists, claim creation is a myth, and want every thing to be random chance, more time means more rolls of the genetic dice so more chances to get evolution right.
There are many things they like to point to as confirmation of evolution, lions and tigers, wolves and coyotes, even the dissimilarities with in our own human race from region to region. Yet tigers and lions can mate as can coyotes and wolves. Humans? well, we seem to interbreed pretty dang well too.
If you look at it objectively, evolution fails ever serious test. It is a theory that is unprovable. GOD is also a theory, we live by faith that the words in the Bible were spoken not invented like the koran and book of mormon. Does GOD answer prayer, or is it just random chance like the rolls of evolution? I guess I would rather believe that I am the creation of a loving GOD rather than mutated pond scum.
At any rate, one more reason to not trust "settled" science.


Gregory said...

Very good read. I got to read more about this.

taminator013 said...

Amen, brother.........