Thursday, February 22, 2018

Arm the teachers

I've said it before, the only way to make our schools safer is to have people present who are proficient with firearms and have weapons available to them. Given the number of accidental shootings involving police, I would hesitate to have teachers sporting a Glock on their hip though. What is the answer?
What about a biometric safe in each classroom? We have biometrics for phones and other things, why not for a gun safe in every class room? What about loony teachers though? A teacher having a bad day might decide to take out their stored Glock and use it on misbehaving students.
That right there is the biggest issue to me. Too many teachers are liberals, and as we have seen over the past three years, they have a tendency toward emotional  violence.
Connect every safe to a control panel in the main office. If any safe is opened, it sends out an alarm notifying every one in the building much like a fire alarm. If we can have community sirens that give different tones for flood warnings vs tornado warnings, and another for fire, why can't the school systems be done the same way?
What about training? Several steps there. Require teachers to have served in the military for three years. Starting in 2025 every current teacher must have completed Army or Marine basic. They can then be part of a National Guard unit close to their home. Why not Navy or Air Force? Emphasis on weapons. Navy rely on the big guns on their ships. For small arms and hand to hand, they have the Marines. Yes, they also have the SEALS. Air Force fights in similar fashion. The ones in the Air Force who do the dirty work are officers, and they operate from altitude. The majority of Air Force personnel are support. Their job is to keep the bad boys flying, refuel, rearm and support.
If they have been a member of an active duty unit of any kind, they would be exempt. Every new teacher must have been on active duty. For those I think we should accept all branches. Whether you served on a ship or an airfield, you've learned discipline and espirit de corps. If you've been honorably discharged, you meet my standard.
Second step, Qualification. Every teacher should be required to pass a rigorous course on firearms. I want them to be CCW permit holders, and well qualified. I want them to be the people who punks like Nikolas Cruz would shit themselves if they met in a hallway.
Step three, training. Teachers need to know how to respond when shit hits the fan. If an attack happens in one wing, teachers should move students into selected classrooms. Quickly! Then one teacher defends the door and another heads for the location of the incident. That would place at least three teachers and other staff responding to the threat.
In Stoneman Douglas, there were people who responded to the threat by charging toward it. Several lost their lives. Had they been armed, Cruz would not have been able to roam the school at will.
We have a vast number of veterans who are willing to give up  their time free of charge to protect our kids. Bless them all. In a few month, or a few years though, the fervor we feel today is going to quite down. When we get lax is when the next psycho is going to strike. We need a permanent solution. Nearly all the mass shootings in the past twenty years have happened in gun free zones. We need to end that. repeal Biden's target rich schools bill and start protecting the kids.
When I was in school, we had no major problems. At my school, there were always a number of trucks out front that had guns in the windows. Teaches and students had a rifle or shotgun. We hunted before and after class, some time during lunch. We got in more trouble over squirt guns than the real ones, and yes, we had squirt gun wars in the hallways. I mopped up many a mess. No one got in trouble for the toy guns. We played cops and robbers at recess, and more than one kid came for Halloween as a cowboy gun fighter.
All the moves since then to make schools safer have failed entirely. It's time to get back to basics. Its time to let kids be kids. Its time for zero tolerance for zero tolerance idiocy.

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