Monday, February 12, 2018

Cause? or effect?

A lot is being made of the kid in California who did a science fair project on IQ and race. The anonymous student did his own testing and determined that there was a correlation between race and intellect. He is not the first though. Richard Linn and Tatu Vanhanen did a much more extensive study between 2002 and 2006 and found essentially the same thing. A good map can be found here.
They go on to argue that differences in national income are the reason. Maybe they have that switched. If a kid in California studying fellow students finds the same results as studies conducted on members of those races in their home countries, it is more likely that IQ is factored by genetics more than environment.
The kids at C.K. McClatchy High would have a closer income than kids from Hong Kong vs Equatorial Guinea, and people in China suffered economic depravity for generations under the rule of Mao. Japan and South Korea would seem to prove their theory, but what about Russia where under soviet rule, the people had a national income close to poverty? What about Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where vast wealth is the rule thanks to oil?
America does not score as well as we should if that were the case. Truth is though that since we are a melting pot, we have representation from the worst to the best. We have dipped every gene pool on the planet.
Genetics is a bigger factor than liberals want to admit. Genetics impacts us inside as well as outside. Propensities for certain diseases are greater among certain ethnic groups. Sickle cell anemia hits blacks and Mediterraneans, but does not appear much among Scandanavians. That is only one, but there are many more.
If genetics plays that big a roll in risks of disease, if it plays such a roll in height, why not intelligence? Not every one can throw hoops like Kobe. Not every one can reason like Einstein. Not every one can keep a straight face while an evil genius sticks their hand up his ass like Barry. Sorry, couldn't resist. If anything, that stuttering cluster fuck, the smartest black man alive (tm)... Never mind. You get my drift.
I will never be as smart as an Asian, I won't be as athletic as an African, but so what? even NASA needs janitors. It's time to face the fact that we are not as equally created as we dream we are. We all still have equal rights and equal opportunity. If you want to challenge me for the Janitors job, I'm old and tired, you can have it.

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