Thursday, February 15, 2018

Of course they are more active

Fox released a poll that seems to show that communist rank and file are more active than their republican counterparts. In categories such as contacted a lawmaker, Protested/marched, and volunteered, they outscored conservatives by quite a bit. 24-7 in the case of marched.
Conservatives held their own in terms of donations where both parties were at 27%.
If that seems daunting, just remember, we all have jobs. That means they have more time to go to for flung locations and risk getting arrested. Or in the case of conservatives, beaten by thugs while the police stand idly by.
Yes, I know lots of liberals have "jobs". They sit in academia doing nothing except collecting a check. Scum like Michael Mann and his glowbull warming scam.
As for the donations, if both parties are punching in at 27%, why are republicans flush with cash, and the commies flat broke? We all know the advertising money ends up in socialist enimedia coffers, so why are they nearly bankrupt? Financially, not morally. They've been morally bankrupt for decades.
Might it be the numbers of dem donations are pittances? Not much to spare when the welfare check don't cover rent and EBT won't get your beer.
The real problem for the liberals is their choice of candidates. People knew what HiLlARy would be. Some were fooled by Barry and his lack of a paper trail. Same would be the case with  many of their top tier choices. Keith Ellison is sucking up to Farrakhan and the nation of Satan err islam.
Conservatives have the same problem though. We are eternally stuck with Graham, Ryan and McInsane.
2018 will be interesting. If Trumpian candidates can get on the ballots,  we may very well see a big shift in congress and the donks get handed their asses.

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