Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Free speech and the left

The governor of Nebraska has revoked an honor given to two academics. The two women had been championed for their advocacy for free speech. The admiralships in the Nebraska navy were withdrawn after viceo and other evidence surfaced showing that both women were virulantly anti-free-speech if the speaker was a conservative. One scumbag, Courtney Lawton, bullied a recruiter for Turning Point USA a conservative watchdog that monitors campus radicals such as Lawton. Go figger!
As we have witness through the 2016 election cycle, the academaniacs are anything but for free speech. Whether we are talking about Bezerkly, or KU, liberalism is run amuck, and no conservative viewpoint is tolerated. Twenty years ago, Phyllis Schlaffly made the point that Christians on campus were harassed as well. Well, it isn't getting any better. They have a lock, and they block out and attack any one with a Christian or conservative leaning.
The good news is that Lawton won't be teaching much longer. Her contract was not renewed because of her extremist actions. Too bad a few other conservative leaning states can't do the same thing.

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