Thursday, February 22, 2018

Time for some Art of the Deal on NAFTA

NAFTA is essentially dead in the water. Ever since it was passed, we have been getting the short end of the stick. President Trump has said No more, and attempts to renegotiate it are fast failing. No biggie, we can handle having products made in America vs shit made in Mexico with parts imported from China.
We could make it a win for us though along with the illegal invaders problem.
Here is what I propose we do. For every illegal who has come in through the Mexican border, make Mexico take one of our welfare or "disability" cases. Build a new town in southern Mexico, close, but not too close to Mexico City, and then transfer families from high risk neighborhoods such as the high murder areas of Chicago, Detroit, St Louis etc. That would get the kids away from the bad influences, out of the danger zones, and offer them a fresh start. A big win for us is that living is cheaper in Mexico. There wouldn't be the high cost of heating tenements every winter.
OK, I'm being honest, most of these families are ridden with drug users and petty criminals. Getting them south would help in several ways. It would shorten the supply lines for their desired drugs. Cocaine would not need to travel all the way through Mexico and the central United States to reach the customers. That would relieve a lot of the pressure  on law enforcement and maybe save lives in the Mexican border states as well as Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. We could continue supporting the families there. $500 goes a long way in Mexico once you get away from the tourist venues.
Mexico has gun laws every bit as tough as Chicago, so that wouldn't change one bit. Might save a few Chicago cops, and cut back on investigations. Heck, they might be able to solve a few of their cold cases.
We could even send some of them further south, repopulate El Salvador where most of the MS-13 scum flowed out of.
I am dead serious about sending Mexico some of our people. They want to send folks here, and I am all for keeping the ones who would be good workers, so lets send them some people to repopulate them, and since businesses are coming back, and Mexico is vacation heaven, we'll send the ones permanently on vacation. No need for Caribbean Cruise Lines.
And if they decide to send my broke down worn out ass, I'll rename the blog the Yucatan Redneck.

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