Monday, February 5, 2018

Next up: the Shit memo

In the midst of the back and forth prior to the release of the Nunes Memo, the propaganda arm of the communist party was all over the Schiff memo, a counter to the Nunes Memo, written by Adam Schiff, Communist, California.
House republicans should vote to release this memo as well. The press will be on it like stink on shit. Communist party leaders from Nancy P. Louse to DiFi will be on television with the squalking heads in the media heaping praise on it like it was a long lost text from Jesus while denouncing Nunes Version like it was a poor knock off of Dr Seuss.
Once the members of Congress have taken their stand, and btw, I expect more than a couple of "republicans" Like Johnny Wet Start McRino to side with the communists, Then declassify the source materials, and show what is really behind all this. Hang this on the various scum in the swamp who want to return to business as usual ie screwing the Taxpayers.
Most people are too busy with the little things to pay much attention, so a hard hitting dose of reality will set folks back on their heels. Put this all together, and it could shake the core of the democrat party so hard that the communists who have infested it since Johnson left office, might be shut out at least in the short term. Bank on it though, these spawn of Satan are far from through.
Neither are we.

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