Monday, February 3, 2020

Explains the halftime show

I went to a friend's house yesterday for the game. This is the first game I have watched since Colon Krapperprick began disrespecting the American Flag. Getting to watch his former team ge demolished was a great way to spend an evening. That we watched it via a converter box so the networks don't get a ratings bump made it even better.
We tuned in well into the second quarter on Kansas City's last drive of the half. According to my friend's wife, this was the first game he'd watched in the entire time they'd been married. They have a sixteen year old son and seven others. About three minutes into half time, he asked me who the guys with Bradshaw were. I honestly couldn't remember and was on my phone looking them up when the entertainment failure began. I looked up when one of my friend's daughters said something about hoping the performer had underpants on. At first glance, it seemed she did not.
The outfits looked like something you would expect in a Vegas show or a seedy men's only joint. turns out, that was the theme. Yup, support single mothers. Head down to the strip club to find out what they didn't show on FOX. To their credit, there were no wardrobe failures unless you count the design as a failure.
Instead of celebrating single mothers, we should be lamenting them.  No child should be raised in a home without a father. We only need to look to Chiraq to see what a monumental failure a matriarchal society would become. If the courts had been wise, they wold have made the default position that the kids stay with the father. We would have about 1/100th the number of broken families we have today. While many men would shoulder the burden of raising their kids single handed, very few mothers would agree to not being there with their kids every day. It would have ended the cash cow for barbitches. we would have almost zero half sibling families and no confusion in mid-June.
J-Lousy is what she should call herself. Then again, her sub standard is only marginally lower than many recent such events. Which is truly sad.

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