Monday, February 3, 2020

Bernie must be winning Iowa

As of 8:40, a full hour and a half since the caucus sites closed, none of the links posted at CTH has shown any sign of reporting the results.
The donks have been freaking out for the last week about Sanders taking the lead. they are changing the rules and doing every thing possible to undermine the aging communist they mistakenly embraced.
The Demons of Des Moines at the register refused to publish the final poll which showed him overtaking Creepy Joe.
Is it insane that their favored candidate is such a buffoon? The man is scary. Joe, not commie. He is some one you would not want in a room with your kids. You would not want to find out any of his family were board members of your bank or investment firm, and given his statements in the last few months, you have to wonder if his brain is still all there, or at least the parts we know once were.
Now that the impeachment ruse is over, they can safely toss him off the bridge. Their flavor of the weeks appears to be mini-Mike, so hang onto your guns and big-gulps. They can't make America Hate again until they have disarmed all the law abiding citizens.
GOD, Help us.

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