Saturday, February 29, 2020

1st death

The Corona Virus, has claimed its first victim in the United States. A person in King County Washington State is dead from this imported contagion. reports also note that there are a number of new cases, as yet, unconfirmed by the CDC. Supposedly the person who died had no known direct link to any of the other known cases.
If you are healthy, your chances of perishing are small. The risk is that you will come into contact with many people who have limited ability to fight this version of SARS, and, as with every flu pandemic, the elderly will be hardest hit.
The up side of this is that many older folks are getting their groceries delivered and sidewalks shoveled by family hoping to not get left out of the will. So, if you are over sixty and have a lot of chores that need attending OUTSIDE and away from you, just call your adult grand kids, tell them you are doing fine, but cough a lot while you visit with them ass you mention all the stuff you'd like to get done this week.....

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