Saturday, February 29, 2020

Gropin Joe is back in it

Voters in South Carolina went to the polls today to select the person who is destined to lose bigly to President Trump in November. The Communist lites of the new communist party have had their pants on fire for several weeks after real communist Bernie scored big hits in Iowa, and won in New Hampshire and Nevada.
Tonight gives them some breathing room as China's man of the hour is pulling in 63% of the votes. Granted, they have many to count, and their track record is sketchy at best this season, but this week's revelations about Bernie's love of Castro and Cuba may not be sitting well with traditional democrats.
It was rumored yesterday that many Republicans were planning to cast votes for the unrepentant socialist. If they indeed voted as planned, they may not have cast for Bernie, or they might have sewn chaos and propped up the as yet, unindicted kick back king of Ukraine.
At any rate, usurper Sanders won't be cruising to an easy victory just yet. There are many more contests to be held, millions of fraudulent ballots to be stuffed in boxes before this suicidal shit show reaches it's conclusion. At risk is the soul of the democrat party. yes, they have slowly been trending toward socialism. there are many things here to attract them, FREE STUFF, but they also know about the pitfalls. Evey one over forty knows about the downfall of the Soviet Union. Most folks over thirty understand what is going wrong in Venezuela. Still, they want their free hand outs not understanding that when every one is getting free stuff, that means every one is paying for that free stuff plus the graft,plus the government fingers in the cookie jar, plus the lions share for the folks too lazy to work to pay for the free stuff. Pay for the free stuff? Nothing in life is free except bad advice.
*** Update*** Barry's life insurance policy dropped almost 13 percentage points as more votes are counted. I'm not going to spend the night poll watching, My lawn is dead, warmer weather may arrive at any moment, I will be watching to see if any grass grows before I get caught up in their numbers.

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