Friday, February 7, 2020

Prayer for Rush

I'm not going to pray for Rush to recover. GOD has determined his fate. While lung cancer seems like a bad way to go, There are many ways just as painful, and many far worse. Rush may or may not recover.
What I do pray for is that GOD will give Rush the strength to stand firm in his convictions for as long as he remains with us. That he will serve us as a model servant. That he will stand strong with our President, and that at the last, GOD will grant him peace, and a joyous reception in heaven.
Whether that happens next week, next month, or in ten years is the choice of GOD and GOD alone.
I confess, I rarely listened to Rush. I was not opposed to him, he was right far more often than he was wrong. In some ways, that was why I didn't listen. His clarity has a way of making my blood boil, and since the only time I have to listen is when driving, I was always in fear I would become enraged and destroy a Prius and it's pervert driver.
Rush has been the conscience of the nation for many years. It would be good to have him around for another twenty or so. It would be better if there were more young men like him ready to take his place. he is, after all, 69. A good number, not necessarily a good age. Ok, I'm a pervert.
It was good that Rush got awarded the Freedom Medal by the President. it was even better that President Trump got all the donks to attend the ceremony. Now if he could find a way to get them to visit Wuhan China to prove the Corona virus isn't dangerous, or maybe tour Mexico's drug war ravaged states to show how disarming the people has made the regions safe.


Wraith said...

Brother, this is a reminder to us that the Living God is Sovereign and infallible. His ways and His thoughts are higher than ours, and we must remember that.

Well thought, and well said.

JeremyR said...