Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Adumb Shitt is worried

With the probable acquittal looming like a winter storm, the dumbocraps are showing concern. Their house of cards fell apart like it was in a wind tunnel. To cap off matters, the folks who told us, learn to code, are now showing they don't know how to code. Maybe they can learn to mine.
Now Shitty Schiff is claiming , without evidence, that President Trump is going to steal the 2020 election. Of course, what he really means is that their bungling attempts to steal it are going to fail miserably. Judging from the debacle in Iowa, they are in bigger trouble than they could ever imagine.
They can't manage to steal a caucus from a commie. My speculation is they were expecting a higher turn out and so the algorithm they put in to shaft Sanders was creating projections that looked like Mount Everest assembled in a corn field. It could not accomplish it's intent without revealing the lack of planning so to speak.
Let's face it, when you have a large turn out and an energized crowd, it is possible to sneak in a fake ballot box or two in terms of numbers, but when your stuffed box contains more ballots than there were people at your Ca-Ca, you've screwed up.
Regardless, Buttplug is now their flavor of the month. Does it strike anyone as weird how he never polled above 13% but somehow managed to get nearly 27% yesterday? Then again, with Iowa's caucus rules, those supporting nonviable candidates had to pick another candidate or go home. I guess when your options are an elderly criminal, an elderly liar, and an elderly communist, someone not likely to die at the inaugural ball seems like a smart choice even if his choices in life are all bad.
Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on them for picking an openly homosexual candidate this time. In the 2008 election they chose the closeted won.
Creepy Joe has served his purpose which had nothing to do with the primaries. His dementia is showing, and that is of greater concern than what they had to deal with in HiLlARy and her mess. He is bragging about all the wrong things and people have noticed.
Liarwatha came in third in the political version of the special olympics. She has been spewing garbage for so long without being challenged on it that she has no idea how to tell the truth. This isn't massive-clueless. Some of the folks in Iowa know what bull shit is. Sadly, the folks on the college campuses appear to be clueless still.
As for the communist, the donks are in a pickle. How to shaft him and manage to keep his idiot supporters. They need the young impressionable fools to maintain the ranks. They may not have a viable candidate for 2024, but eventually the republicans will revert to form and try to elect another Bush or  Romney.
So does Shiff for brains have reason to be worried? If there is low enthusiasm, that will translate to lower turn out in their favorite places for box stuffing. 2016 showed that they can't steal he election when voters show up to vote. Real voters, not the dead.

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