Monday, February 24, 2020

Absolutely Bernie

Many democrats are up in arms about Bernie Sanders' remarks praising Fidel Castro. why is anyone surprised? This is what he has been about for his entire life. Sanders is a Neo Stalinist, a new version of the oldest and worst of communism. Sure, he packages himself as a "Democratic Socialist", but look at the rank and file of his supporters. back in 2016, it was Sanders thugs assaulting attendees at MAGA Trump rallies. This year we have heard comments from his key staffers proclaiming how America should herd conservatives into concentration camps.
To make matters worse, leading democrats have peeked over the horizon and know full well that this is the destination for their party. The only thing stopping them is rebellion. Not every member of the democrat club is in lock step. The poorly educated kids being dumped in the work force by our schools and colleges might be happy and fine with the notion of  free stuff, but reality hits hard when they are confronted by facts. Those who see the light are leaving the party. Soon all that will be left are the hard core leftists.
Bernie adores Castro. That is a simple truth we cannot ignore. Were it otherwise, he'd have disavowed his remarks supporting the man responsible for the dire suffering of millions in the island nation. Castro is for Sanders what Billy Graham is for many Christians. Not GOD, but the man closest to him. Castro was the hold out when the iron curtain fell. Every other Warsaw pact nation took struggling steps to become capitalist countries. Not Cuba though. instead, they turned westward and enlisted Hugo Chavez. Maybe some day we will get Bernie's views on that despot destroyer of civilization.
The Sanders supporters do not understand what they are choosing. our educatrats don't want them to know what has happened in every nation that tried socialism. All they understand is "FREE STUFF" and they want it NOW.
So, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, quit being upset. Bernie is being Bernie. The same Bernie he was when he honeymooned in the Soviet Union. Just realize  that you and the rest of the democrats are, like Kevin Johnson, just one step behind (him). Where he is now, you will be in a year. maybe less.

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