Sunday, February 16, 2020

Eugenics? Sure, why not?

Richard Dawkins made a strange statement regarding eugenics, saying that it has a scientific logic. He went on to make the point that it should be opposed on moral grounds.
First it struck me as strange that an anti-theists like Dawkins would make any argument regarding morality. If we are mutant pond scum, there is no moral grounds for anything.
The second thought I had about it was that we are already using it. Sad to say, we are. Every day women walk in to fertility clinics and browse the catalogs of donors looking for the male they think would be the perfect sire.
Recently there was an article about a cluster of children with severe autism. Every one of the kids was conceived in a lab. All of them came from the same male donor who described himself as a super kind of guy, smart athletic, well read. All of them were classic examples of eugenics except that the donor lied and the women were fooled.
Eugenics among humans is also an old practice. Two to three thousand years ago marriages were arranged. A father would look for a suitable mate for his sons and daughters. The marriage was arranged, usually for a price. The Bible and other literature describe many times where this happened. It was done at all levels from the poorest to the kings. The practice among the nobility continued into the early twentieth century. The kings of Europe were interrelated making their wars family feuds.
Whether you support or condemn eugenics, it is a fact of our lives. College guys are not lining up to date the girls from the special education class. Some one should point that out to the snow flakes. The "woke" crowd will be demanding equality in no time. Well, they've destroyed about everything else, why not love? They don't understand it either.

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