Sunday, February 9, 2020

Coming apart at the seams

The democrat party is in trouble this year. The voters in Iowa failed to rally around any particular candidate. Part of it is that they all sound alike. Not one of them has a truly stand out idea. They are rehashing the same planks from decades past and calling for laws that have already been passed.
For the most part, the survivors are all old and white. It's not their fault that the younger ones and those of racial diversity (all hail diversity) have dropped out. Blame instead the people who control the money within the party.
Pete the freak is still hanging in there, but it is noteworthy that at least one supporter wanted to change her mind once she learned he was a pervert. While he is attempting to be the first openly homosexual candidate, he is also not pushing it because he knows it is a turnoff to many people. Christian morals are not completely lost in this country.
Biden and Sanders are both in their late 70's. Warren is only a few years younger. If she were elected, she would surpass President Trump in age at inauguration by a year. As to Biden and Sanders, both are showing the effects of advanced age. Biden especially shows signs of not having his wits together anymore. Not that he was ever especially bright. Voters have been rejecting him as presidential material for over thirty years. He aint wine, he has not gotten better with age.
Back in 2016 the republican party had a similar broad field of indistinguishable lackluster wannabe's. What we got was President Trump. He was a loud, unabashed, unapologetic man who said what people needed to hear and did so in a way that people believed he would do every thing he promised.
I dare to say that if all the candidates in 2016 had echoed him, that no one would have believed them. Donald Trump on the other hand had a way about him that made clear he really believe what he said and that he was not a liar like so many before him. He also showed he had a strong work ethic. People knew him from the tabloids and from his apprentice show. Some liked him, some hated him. When the press chose to attack him, he turned that into free advertising. What would have happened had they ignored him is anyone's guess. I believe he still would have won.
All the donks are running as anti Trumpers. Think about that. We have had great economic growth since he took office. He is building the wall, he is bringing back jobs and he is slashing away at stupid regulations. The democrats are opposing the wall and promise to import more illegals to take away jobs from Americans. Is that insane?
The House move to impeach him for not committing a crime is bizarre. The republicans who are denouncing him really need to stop, and then take the time to read the law. They will find that he was required to ensure that U.S. aid would not be squandered and lost to bribes and pocket lining by the recipients.
Another problem for the democrats is they allowed Bernie to run as a democrat. He is anything but, and while they are sounding more and more like him, the facts are there used to be differences between communists like Bernie and liberals. Bernie ran as a democrat, joining the party in 2016. After he got shafted lost he went back to being an independent. Now, for 2020, he want to run as a dem again. The party leaders, if they had any, should have said sorry, but no. They allowed him in to prevent a third party run draining their already weak support, so now they are stuck with him running away with their voters.
If they kicked him out at this point, he would take their younger impressionable members with him. That would spell disaster.
The dems have built their party as a big tent. It is turning into a circus. They anted to be all inclusive. Now they are all exclusive. If you are not pro-abortion you are not welcome to have any say. If you are not pro-homosexual marriage, if you are not for open borders, free education free...stuff. the list keeps getting bigger. They want you to still vote for them, but you cannot have any say in the direction they are dragging America.
Some people are sheep. They will do what ever they are told even if they know it is not in their best interests. many others will leave. Don't expect them to turn up as republicans, since many of them don't support all the things of the republican party, they will not join out of fear of the same reactivism. I can't say I blame them, once bitten twice shy.
Some will vote in the election out of a sense of loyalty to the party who rejected them. others will simply sit home and allow their opinions to be marginalized.
How will the party survive? The young people joining are all influenced by the radicalism they have been fed in school. As life passes them by, they will become even more radical.
That is why the top of their ticket looks the way it does. No separate ideas, no individuality. The ideas they championed under Barry all failed so thinking Americans don't want to continue them. That is what swept Donald Trump into office. We need to be careful not to turn the boat too hard right at this point. Better we slowly turn this ship away from destruction. capsizing America this close  to failure would ultimately cause us to fail. Lets not hand them that kind of victory just yet.
Some say Mike Pense 2024. I say Donald Jr in 2024. He has had a life time of apprenticeship from his father. I'm betting he has learned it well.

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