Friday, April 9, 2010

I'll side with the mother

A Tennessee family adopted a boy from Russia. This is not a fairy tale, so there is no happy ending. the boy decided he did not like his adopted family, and according to grandma, Nancy Hansen, he became quite angry. According to the boy, the adoptive family was abusive.
Clearly this was a poor fit. no matter what the reason, it was a failure. Its not good when its an animal, even worse when its a human. This was clearly a square peg in a round hole, no matter the reason.
Foreign adoptions are the rage. Folks who cannot have kids are turning to foreign countries seeking them because the USA is a total mess when it comes to this. We do not have many, if any orphanages here whereas in places like China and Russia they are common place. Kids in these institutions have grown up without love. they live in an animalistic society where strenght and force rule. They learn to fight to live, and love is weakness. That makes it hard as hell for them. it takes a truly special person to adopt one of these kids, and wade through all the baggage. Some times, even the best intentioned, best qualified person will fail. thats life, and we are human. When a person can recognize that they are not up to hte task, that is a good thing. For Artyom Savelyev it is probably best. many kids in this situation end up being abused or killed. the orphanages are bad, death is final. I hope that Artyom finds a family that will love him unconditionally, and give him the discipline and guidance he needs to become a successful person. I also hope that Torry Hansen finds a child as well. bad as this seems, it is the best solution I see. best wishes and prayers for all involved.

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