Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I thought liberals wanted to save the whales

But here they are again with their dumb ideas. It seems they think they are smarter then parents. I agree child obesity is a problem. It is a public problem when those kids grow up to be useless couch potatoes on the public dime demanding public dollars to pay for their high health costs. I guess death panels might not be so bad after all.
The real solution is for parents to become real parents. We are in a fast lane life style anymore. Both parents work, and at the end of the day they are tired. The time that they have to give to their kids is often not quality time. Thats a tragedy, and part of the problem. Instead of being parents, that roll has been delegated to Craptoon network and Spongebob (does anybody but druggies really watch?) Squarepants. when I was a kid, we had cartoons from 4 to 4:30, a program themed toward older kids from 4:30 to 5. Lassie, Sheriff of Cochise, Rifleman, and a slew of others. Star trek was also popular. By 5:30 it was news time, with gameshows at 6:30, and adult stuff at 7.
Enter the era of cable, and suddenly it became brat babysitter all night long. Children today are not athletic. Sure some are, but by and large, they are addicted to their games, I-pods, and attempting a sedentary life style. Yes its bad, yes it needs to change, but that change should be the responsibility of parents, not big bother.
Oos, sorry, meant big brother.
California is such a mess that they should not be attempting ANYTHING! They need to get their state and local money situation in order ASAP. this continued BS will simply continue to drive people out of the state.
Hey, CD, when you leave, make sure to switch the light off.

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