Monday, April 12, 2010

I won the war

That was a favorite phrase of John "Jack" Agnew, a member of the unit that inspired the film The Dirty Dozen. Agnew, was a member of the 506th parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st.
He passed away aged 88. While the real life filthy thirteen were not murderers and the like, they were men of an independent spirit and they got into their fair share of trouble. Above all, though, they were heros. Seen any old vets lately? Their numbers are fading fast. Jack was one of only four remaining members of his unit when they had their reunion two months ago.
And the "other Dirty dozen?
Robert Ryan USMC
Charles Bronson USAAF Purple Heart
Telly Savalas US Army
Ernest Borgnine US Navy
Lee Marvin USMC Purple Heart
Clint Walker Merchant Marine
Robert Webber USMC
George Kennedy US Army
Richard Jaeckel US Navy
John Casavettes, Trini Lopez, Donald Sutherland, Jim Brown, Al Mancini, Ben Carruthers, Stuart Cooper, Tom Busby amd Colin Maitland were too young to serve.
Heros playing heros, passing the message that war aint purdy, and real men fight it, die in it, and sacrifice for family and country.
Go in peace Jack, you will be remembered.

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