Saturday, April 3, 2010

Election Theft

American Thinker has a great article on Election theft in Wisconsin. It is happening all accross our nation, and it has been going on for years. From 2000 in Florida where the communists attempted to thwart the electorial process, to Washington State where a governors election was tainted, to Minnesota where Al Franken stole the senate, its a trend sweeping the nation. Note to politicians, we ar enot blind, we are not fooled, and we will not tollerate this for long.
The roots of hte problem stem from people in lowly local positions who are corrupt. They enable other corrupt politicians in higher offices who in turn protect the local perps.
House cleaning needs to start at the presinct level. It needs to start now. We do not want a revolution in America if we can help it. Revolution brings further risks of tyranny. Look at Cuba where the dynamic head of the revolution to remove a corrupt leader was more corrupt, more despotic, more evil then the one removed. We need to move to straighten out the election procss here before a revolution becomes the only means.
Thirty one years ago I took an oath to protect the constitution of hte United States. I still take that oath seriously today.
What form should good reform take? We all have our ideas, here are mine.
A national registery of voters. When a person registers in any state, their name should go into a national database. The registration should be tied to the social security number to lessen the chances of fraud, and to tax returns when ever possible.
A state issued voter ID card that contains the persons voter ID number and a good picture. Also an electronic coding containing the data. Last item, a thumb print.
Serial numbered ballots, and accountability requirements. fake ballots are more dangerous then guns. Every presinct should have a record of the ballots it received by serial number, a list of all spoiled ballots, unused ballots, and cast ballots. That list should alwast total up, 400 hundred ballots issued, 33 spoiled, 45 unused, and 322 cast. Simple math verification traced by the voter log. All spoiled ballots should be retained as long as good ballots. A detachable claim check containing the serial number of the ballot that the voter retains. If there are any reasons to reject a ballot, a list of rejected ballots by serial number and presinct would be published including all ballots rejected as spoiled. Once published, voters would have the opportunity to challenge the rejection of their ballot. This is especially critical for absentee ballots. Some states have an arduous process for absentee ballots, especially military ones that virtually ensures that military votes are not counted.
If an absentee ballot is rejected, they must have an opportunity to show that they are correctly registered, and that the data on the ballot was their intended vote. Some stated reject ballots with out ever opening them, this happened in Minnesota. Those ballots whould also be required to be posted.
Set a reasonable standard for rejected ballots such that if more then 10% of rejected ballots are challenged, and the challenger shows that he was propperly registered, the ballot was propperly sent, and that it contains his stated intent, that the election judges involved be stripped of their privledges of working as election officials for a period of 25 years.
This would also, I hope, cut into the fraud issues. It would make tracking people who file multiple ballots easier as well. Oh, what to do with them? Execution. Voter fraud is sedition, or treason in my book.
If any one has good suggestions, please post them.

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