Saturday, April 17, 2010

What do you do with a dirty cop?

Nothing seems to get the blogosphere alive like a story involving suspected police brutality. A cop dealing with an unruly subject often has a lot of issues to deal with from what harm the suspect might cause to him or others, to what the guy has already done, or is suspected of doing. Its not easy to be a cop. Typically, two types of people want to be cops. There is the law and order type, the guy who wouldn't bend the rules to save his brother, and would ticket his own mother for jaywalking. The other one is the guy on a power trip. Occasionally there is a little overlap, but not much. Since most criminals are on powertrips, the inevitable clash is set with these guys.
I'm not advocating against these type of officers. In fact, they are the ones who are best for dealing with a roudy brawl or disturbance since they are looking for a fight. The problem lies in when an officer begins to think he is the law, that he is above the law instead of a servant to the people he must deal with every day.
Not every cop is bad, and frankly every person has a measure of evil in them, cops included. At issue is the line that gets crossed, and how to deal with it.
My suggestions?
First, make the union fully responsible. If a member turns out to be a bad cop, make the union, not the city pay for the damages he does including all punative costs. MAKE THEM POLICE THEIR OWN FIRST!
Second, fully punish officers who cross the lines. Note the plural, diffrent lines deserve diffrent punishments, and varying standards. In a case where a person who posed no threat was attacked by the police, execute the cop involved, and make his union man the firing squad. In cases where a questionable decision was made involving an unruly subject, deal with it carefully. do not ignore any factors. Some thugs are great at baiting cops. I know of a pair of brothers who are past master at baiting the cops, and geting away with mayhem, and the cops know it. They also know that these brothers have fiends about with cameras to record every moment.
There are cases where the cops go after the wrong guy due to a mistake. When the cops attempt a cover up, they should be punished over and above what a civilian would receive, but only for the cover up, not necessarily for hte mistake if it was an honest attempt at law enforcement.
Third, fully punish officers who cross the line by dealing drugs, extort money, or promote vice. again, a firing squad of their buds is the best method. Oh, and execute any officer who refuses to participate in a firing squad.
We have a lot of good cops in ou nation. We have a few bad apples too, and a few too many who will defend those bad apples as if they were a good cop. Its a tough job. the bad apples make it worse, but when you have a blue line mentality, you do not see it.

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