Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our constitution has no teeth

That is why politicians walk all over it at will. A few things in the constitution need to be ammended. They won't be. Why? Because politicians want it this way.
The constitution right now has no teeth, no bite, nothing. It is up to the good graces of politicians to abide by it, and since the politicians are the ones who pick judges, it stands to reason they will never strengthen it.
What is needed is a contempt of constitution ammendment. Make it a capital offense, and make refusal of a judge to implement it also a capital offense. Politicians are no longer afraid of the voters. they have awarded themselves and their croonies an unending cut of the public treasure. Who will stop them? The courts? Not likely especially when Lawyers control the courts and the congress. The voters? Heck no, once out of office, they have unending perks and a pay check until they croak. Why would they fear the voters?
It wil take much effort on our part to right these wrongs. Vote incumbents out. Put honest folks in, and change them often as if they were cheap socks. Power corrupts, so replace em before they get rotten. rot spreads like wild fire. don't let it ever get a hold in government again.
Our nation is in decline. Only we can save it. radical change is needed to avert civil war.
BTW, why do we call it civil? intranational disputes are the worst, bloodiest most cruel of any conflicts. avoid if at all possible.

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