Monday, April 19, 2010

So where was Barry?

More then a few blogs have been asking about where the resident of the White House was Last Saturday. One report put him at a nonexistent soccor game, Here is my unconfirmable scoop.
Seems Barry was at Bethesda visiting a urologist.
After several tense minutes, the doctor finally convinced Barry that he was a true professional, and that everything he saw heard, or in any manner observed would be viewed with the strictist of professional ethics.
Whereupon, Barry dropped his pants to reveal the smallest pecker the doctor had ever seen.
The doctor let out a gasp, followed by a giggle, which eventually resulted in the poor urologist laying on the floor convulsing with laughter.
Finally Doc regained his composure, and apologised and assured Barry that he would maintain his professional dignity for the rest of the exam. "Now", he asked, "What exactly is the problem?"
Said Barry, "Its swollen."
I just hope the doc doesn't get in trouble over this, I cannot reveal my source.

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