Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Its PROPERTY fer cryin out loud.

Congress wrongly attempted to enact rights for animals in 1999. It was struck down by the SCOTUS in an 8-1 decision. I abhor animal cruelty. Likewise, I think it is wrong for folks to neglect their car, or house, but property is property, and not a state's right to interfere.
To be clear, I would love to see the folks who make htese so called crush vids treated just the same way, and have a four inch spike heel in their eye socket. That is not the point. the point is where is the line where the government can tell some one how to treat property?
If it is property, it whould be up to the individual subject to mortgage and insurance requirements. Bottom line. Fido cannot vote, he is property. we have a moral responsibility to treat our animals kindly, and frankly folks who abuse animals are destroying their wealth. People who do that deserve to be shunned by society, not jailed.
If some one gets so perturbed at their cat for crapping on hte carpet they wring its neck, so be it. That should not be a crime, but if the neighbor doesn't like it, they can give the guy a cold shoulder.
SCOTUS laid narrow guidelines in their ruling. they said the law, intended to stop crush vids should have been limited to that. Again, I oppose animal cruelty, but legislation IMHO violates our rights under the constitution.

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