Thursday, July 28, 2011

Peace breaks out in Texas Again

Yup, another religion of pieces asshat has been foiled in his attempts to stir up mayhem. Police thwarted this attack before it materialized, and thats a good thing. The worthless mooslime was AWOL from the Army. He went missing after an article 32 investigation recommended charges regarding Child Porn. Why is this not suprising? The head false prophet was a child molester. They make NAMBLA look tame, forcing daughters into arranged marriages as young as eight, and buggering their sons, making them pashtun boys. It is the crime of the ages, the one that keeps on giving.
Well, I am all for freedom of religion up to a point. If their women want to live and be treated like that, fine and dandy. The ones who want out should have the right to walk away.
Oh, and when they preach about killing me and other infidels, it wohould be open season with no bag limit. duck muslim blinds outside every mosque from here to Mecaca.

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Gregory said...

You have a good understanding of islam. Too bad their wimmens can't just leave. If they could, I am sure that 75% of them would be out of islam in a day....
And that afghan bacha bazi thing...don't even get me started on that.