Saturday, August 25, 2012

2016 Any thing we didn't know?

Well I went and saw 2016, and may I start by saying it is a very well done movie? They did a top notch job of piecing it all together.
I am trying to pin point any thing though that is new and breaking. This is the same stuff we have been saying for four plus years. In 2008 a lot of this was conjecture. We did not know for certain what ObamAA+ would do once he was elected. Past is prolog though and we all say the direction his bpoat was floating, and we were right. So also, I believe, Mr D'Souza is right obn his predictions regarding what they will do to this nation if given another four years. if he is wrong, it will only be that he underestimated the evil that is Barrack ObamAA+.

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