Thursday, August 16, 2012

Iowa land of the brave

Or maybe the stupid. Either way, this took some serious balls.
First some back ground. ObamAA+ promised the most transparent government ever. So far, all we see is a thin skinned hatemonger. This week he is stumping in Iowa,and Wednesday they were in Davenport, home of Ross Murty, and his deli was the site of the pressers lunch for the propaghanda arm who accompany Teh Won.
Ross put it on the line, and made it clear to every one where he stands and just what he believes in. His "Government didn't build my business, I DID" shirt did not garner any printable comments from Mr transparents crew of fools. Too bad Joe wasn't there, we'd have gotten a load of dumb. Then again, maybe they did, and the press, always favoring the communists, is covering for them.
Anyway, great job Ross, and prepare for your proctology exam. They will be looking at everything including your sinuses when they do it.
Too bad Denny does not have a hero's segment to go with his ObamAA+ asshole of the week award.

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