Friday, August 3, 2012

I am aghast

Well, I guess its only fitting that a gun be made to honor the greatest gun salesman in American history. Palmetto State Armory is offering a commemorative to honor ObamAA+. Is it ironic that the safe and fire are labeled hope and change? We conservatives are constantly shit on by the media as being violent, yet almost all violent acts have been by liberals.
I watched a show about the JFK assassination last week, and they went on about how Dallas was a hotbed of conservative activism and they feared some conservative would take out the president. Well, aint it a shocker that he got killed there by a left winger, a communist? Yup, conservatives were the big threat. NOT!
So if any of you want to honor the greatest gun sales man of all time, Palmetto is ready to take your order. Oh, and the model number is NOBO12.

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