Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Can you believe this?

According to bullshit artist Claudine Zap, ObamAA+ is related to the first slave in America by his mother. Seriously! Just look at her skin tone in those old pictures they love to trot out, She really looks like she had an african greatgrandpa.
Wanna buy some nice coast land with a great view of the south Pacific located in Kansas? I have one lot left.
It would not suprise me to learn he was related to the first slaves captor, the guy in Africa who sold John Punch into bondage. Probably sold a million or more, after all, thats what the arabs were doing in Africa. The cute women and fair boys were sent to the arab states to become sex slaves, the ugly women and robust men were sent to America.
Looking at ObamAA+, he'd have been castrated and sent to be a love child in the house of Saud. Heck, he'd have been first in line to volunteer.
So to sum it up, the propaganda arm of the communist party is piling it higher and deeper then htey did in 2008. Hope they get buried in their own BS.

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