Monday, August 20, 2012

Just a quick comparison

Well, I am still luke warm at best about Romney. He is not my clear cut vision of what we need to replace ObamAA+. he is not the Reagan redux to follow Carter lite err dark.
His choice of Ryan for VP is a good move. No, its a great move. Ryan is some one who will stir up the middle, and the middle class. Another big plus is that Romney is self made in that he gave away all he inherited as far as possessions and built his life with his own two hands, something a democrap will never do nor understand. Besides, he has fewer skelletons in his closet then an Amish farmer. Which means the dems will spend the next two and 1/2 months inventing shit to lie about. Another TANG memo-gate is on its way. Too bad they wasted all that capital attacking a guy who was at best a social moderate. Once bitten, twice shy. At least for people who can think with out media help.

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