Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Squelching the youth vote

American pravda is up in arms with the notion that politicians want to stop young voters. By young I mean those over eighteen but still so wet behind the ears they think communism works.
Several states including Kansas have passed tougher measures that will impact young voters. Boo fricking Hoo. When kids take their student ID and register to vote, I see a problem. When they are also registered to vote back home, I see fraud. Does it happen? You dang well know it does. just prior to our last local election there was a big voter registration drive on campus. Several of the professors took time to urge kids to get registered locally. I sat in several open meetings where the kids were presnet because we had a rental inspection program that was causing a stir. I heard several of those kids say they were out of state students, but had registered to vote here.
What about our military? Soldiers are urged to register IN THEIR HOME STATE. They are encouraged to vote, but not made to vote. I mailed many absentee balots when I was in the Army. I found out later they were all disqualified. An absentee vote in Minnesota must be witnessed by another Minnesota voter, and mine were, either by an officer in my unit, or later, by my wife. The hitch was that if the witness was not in the same presinct, theynever checked further and tossed it out.
When I talk to soldiers now, I encourage then to take leave and go home to vote. Many places have early voting, so its possible to take a four day pass and swing home. Not possible for our over seas boys and girls though.
I don't want our youth vote squelched, but more importantly, I don't want voter fraud. I give less of a damn about the students then I do about the men and women who serve this nation. For my two cents, I would stick the student who comits fraud and the guy who cheats the military out of their in the same cell. It would be a very small one I might add.

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