Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lets just make it legal...spit

Well, all the BS about legalizing and taxing pot is just that, Bull Shit. A Colorado dispensary is under indictment for illegal distribution of medical marijuana. No big suprise, we knew that was coming. The big news, and no suprise either, is that they are cheating on their taxes.
Yup, legalize it, and tax it. get a clue liberals, crooks are crooks.
I personally don't care if people smoke it. The war on drugs is a scam in my opinion. I see major problems with meth, crack, and other drugs. They tend to bring crime with them. I could care less if some one wants to ruin their health and life. I do care when they turn into thieves. I worked for what I have, unlike the average liberal. For my two cents, legalize it, tax it, punish the people who cheat, and stop importation. All importation.
Kudos to Colorado for working to do it right.


Gregory said...

Dude, I drive a damned school bus. I listen to the conversations of the kids. Pot smokers go ALL THE WAY THROUGH high school and the toughest math they can do is long division. They can't memorize anything. They expect to get a gold star for finding their own desk 4 out of 5 school days in a row. They are going to grow up to be parasites in the social system of this country. We HAVE to care about whether or not they smoke pot.

JeremyR said...
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JeremyR said...

Greg, that is a good point. How long do we baby sit them though? Once they become adults, they need to make decisions for themselves, and a decision to ruin ones life, whether with drugs, alcohol, or the long list of other stupid stuff we choose to do instead of the right things is near endless.
Keeping it out of the hands of kids is one thing, and I agree drug users fall below the line in learning.
I want to see the border locked down and all the importations stopped. After that, we should deal with the local stuff.
Ever watch the series Moonshine? Look at Tickle, that guys brain is fried....Crispy.