Monday, August 24, 2015

Quite a make over.

Gaffer Joe, the bumbling incompetent who makes Obozo look sane, barely, and is also his insurance against an assassination attempt has come out of hiding. Not much has been seen of the Walter double for quite some time leading to speculation that neither brain cell was able to control his mouth any more.
There is no evidence one way or the other, but my guess is that Joe has been in Bethesda Naval Hospital getting some anatomical corrections in preparation for a White House bid. NO, not more plugs. Instead, I believe he was getting his ass retrofitted so that Soros could manipulate his mouth more readily. With the advances in digital television in the last eight years, The old wire controls would look jerky and robotic on a screen with 1080P or 1920P resolution. Its no longer the index finger moving the jaw, and the pinky moving the eyes. Liberals are dumb, but with all the Jeff Dunham shows out there, even the laziest low information voter wold catch on that it was all fake.
Hillary is imploding, and there is no guarantee she will be out of jail long enough to make the 2016 election.
Sanders is a dyed in the wool communist, and again, liberals are dumb, but they aint that dumb.
Then again, maybe they are.

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