Monday, August 10, 2015

Whats not to like about her?

Carly Fiorino entered the Race in May after previous failures including Hewlett Packard, and the U.S. Senate from California, Prior to the first debates, she was polling near the bottom. Her campaign PAC was being funded from one of the super PACs formed to champion Ted Cruz.
After The faux debate, she rose markedly in the polls in part because of her performance in the debate, but also for coming to the rescue of Megyn Kelly after Trumps blood remark which is being twisted like a pretzel and fed to the unwashed masses by the Chamber of Communists. You can do that with a dogturd as well, but it will still taste like shit which by the way, is how this whole blood kerfluffel is tasting.
Ever watch the movie Road House? remember the fight scene where Swayze orders each of the bouncers into the battle only to see them get obliterated by the henchmen of Brad Wesley. That is what we are going to see in the coming months as the RINO forces are sent into the fray at the behest of the Chamber of Communists and Wall Street.
That is Carly's marching orders now, it appears.
She is a bottom rung candidate. Most people know little to nothing about her, or where she stands on issues. Important issues.
Fiorino is part and parcel with the climate change ruse that is sending America's industries to third world countries and destroying our energy sector.
She is all for illegal immigration. She might as well be Oblowme's minime there.
She is also strongly propervert even though she supported prop 8.
She also appears to be a strong supporter of the destruction of health care in America, Oblowme care.
And the biggest WTF, She thinks fucking goats and subjurgating women is the greatest thing in the world. If that's the case, how in the HELL does she justify her moronic comments in support of Queen Nasty of Faux?
So whats not to like about her? Damn near everything. She is no Palin. She is not Bachmann. She is a bought and paid for pawn of the establishment GOP, the GOPe.
Russia made a serious mistake, they only allowed one party. the communist take over of America involves the taking of both political parties and creating the appearance that they oppose each other on ideological grounds. Were that the case, we would not have had the batshit crazy spending brought to us by the Bush administration.
In handsite, the evidence goes all the way back to 1980 when Reagan KOed the establishment pick George HW Bush. It did not matter to them that he, Bush. lost to Clinton in 1992, They had a course mapped out and it was well under way even as Americans went ignorantly about their business. Lets face it, most people care less about the day to day machinations of government until it hits them had in their pocket book. People do not care about perverts gaining rights, there are bigger fist to fry when your take home pay won't take you home. They are being equally distracted away from what is many peoples most important issue, hellcare, because the GOPe don't want to fight that fight because they want it as bad as the communists do. So, instead, we get al these side issues. Oblowme care is here to stay unless we MAKE it go away.

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