Sunday, August 9, 2015

Disgust (as usual)

The 2008 election cycle saw the GOPe foist McInsane on us and a choice, the democrat with a D, or the democrat with an R. A lot of conservatives sat it out, and we got the evil of two lessers in the oval Office. Would McRINO have been any better? Seriously? Tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. A shit sandwic is shit no matter how it is force fed to you.
2012 was more of the same, the GOPe force fed us mittens. Whether it was to assure a Soetoro 2nd term, or whether they wanted the Rino to win is beyond me. Again, a shit sandwich, this time with out bread.
Sundance at Conservative Tree House has done Yeoman's duty in laying out what the GOPe is up to in 2016 and why Jeb Bush is their anointed pick. More shit, worse shit, and they are not pretending any of the shit is bread this time.
I am not a Trump fan. No strong dislike, but no love either. My picks would be Cruz, Carson, or Walker. The overwhelming GOP field is there to divide the base. Split up the TEA party vote,  fracture the religious right, splinter away minority and feminist voters, and leave Jeb with the Nomination with 15% or less of the primary vote.
Trump is the monkey wrench in the gears. He is the thorn in Tom Donohue's side. Trump has the opportunity to be this generations Reagan. IF he gets the nomination, he will have to contend with the GOPe attempts to force him to accept their choices for Cabinet positions and VP.
If. some how, they cheat him out of the nomination, My hope, for now, is a third party run. That will probably assure a Bernie Sanders Presidency which would be awful if the communists win control of either chamber. BUT, if Trump did run AND pulled a margin of voters greater than the GOPe anointee aka Jeb, that might send a message to the elitist scumbags that We the People are FED UP with their crap. Do they care? Probably not. They own almost everyone in Washouttown. including the garbage collectors.
The first debate showed the colors of a lot of folks on the right. Fox news is indeed Faux. They are as committed socialist as CNN or SeeBS. It will be an up cliff battle. Hills are too easy by far for this fight. America's survival depends on whether the communists, socialists, liberals, progressives, or what ever the rat bastards want to call themselves this month, can be stopped. Slowing them is not enough. We must reverse course, and put the engine to full steam.
Do I have hope? Sorry, no. I read the book, I know how this ends. Babalon the great will fall.

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