Thursday, August 13, 2015

Gonna stick with Kansas

Kansas is far from perfect. Our taxes are too high, our courts are WAY too liberal. Our Governor? If you judge based on the media, he must be the worst in the world, and from their perspective, he is actually #49. The only one they would, hate worse, could hate worse, is Butch Otter in Idaho. He is ranked as the most conservative Governor in the U.S.A.
Iwas less surprised by the ten most conservative than I was by the most worthless err liberal five. I would have expected Governor Goofy aka Jerry Brown to lead the pack with McAweful and Cujo hot on his slithering tail. Cuomo at 46 chased Jerry out of the bottom five, but only by a nose. Krispy Kreme ranked 30, and he is running for President as a Republican? Shows the state of the party right there. If there was 1% conservatism in the entire GOP establishment, they would have laughed him off the stage in Dayton.
So suck it Joisey, Mexifornia too, Our goal is to be conservative. Since your is to escape the hell holes your liberal ideology created, we are at odds.
Brownback is hated by even the GOP. They launched an all out attack on him when he ran, and it has not stopped. If you want to know where some one sits politically in the midwest, just mention Sam. For that matter, Pete Ricketts name will send them over the edge as well.

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