Monday, August 10, 2015

Candidate rankings

This is how I feel about the lessers we have running for high office.
My ranking of them will likely change as the months roll on to election 2016. For now, in order:
1. Ted Cruz
2.Ben Carson
3. Scott Walker
4. Donald Trump
5. Rick Perry
6. Bobby Jindal
7. Rand Paul
8. John Kasich
9. Rick Santorum
10. Mike Huckabee
11. Jim Gilmore
12.Krispy Kreme
13. Marko Rubio
14. George Pataki
15. Carly Fiorino
16. Lindsay Gramnasty 
17. Jim Webb
18. Lincoln Chaffee
19. Martin OMally
20. Bernie Sanders
21. Hillary Clinton

If any of this pack remain, my vote will be cast based on the survivors positions. If all of the above are eliminated, I still will not vote for:

Jeb Bush

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