Thursday, August 6, 2015

TCU needs to change its name..... and MOVE

The C is supposed to stand for Christian. Being a Christian does not mean tolerating the intolerable, and in my book, islame is something we should NOT TOLERATE! I'm not the only one who feels this way, TCU student Harry Vincent tweeted about it, and the Communists who run the join came down on him like a ton of bricks. Initially he was punished with four years of probation, ordered to undergo diversity (all hail diversity) training, and perform 60 hours of  community [service]. He was also banned from his fraternity, football games and most university student facilities. He also called the scum in Baltimore hood rats, and mocked Mexicans. Well, maybe that part was wrong, we need the Mexicans. With out them, liberals would not be able to get their meds, and we would wind up with  more Holmes' and Montanos.
Chancellor Mussolini err Boschini  had a slight change of heart though and rescinded all but one year of the probation. I guess he has never heard of the Constitution. First Amendment rights anyone?
TCU needs to change their name. Texas Communist University sound about right. The Disciples of Christ needs to disown them. They also need to relocate 500 miles south. Mexico needs a good commie campus to teach future lawn and garden care specialists how to speak english.
Maybe they could take their uber liberal ways west and become Transgender California University. Bruce could become an honorary professor.
I'm not saying KSU is any better. Heck, they are a statist run liberal infested den of disgust. TCU was supposed to be run by a church, a Christian Church.

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