Monday, August 17, 2015

A title song for Jeb Cram it.

Let me tell yall a story bout a man named Jeb
A poor electioneer, of deciept he wove a web
Then one day he took some pot shots at a Trump
And so the electorate saw he was just a chump.
Bought and paid for that is. Sold to the highest bidder.

Well sooner then ya know it Jebs suckin up to millionaires.
Wall Street said please be our boy so fair
They said the election trail is the place you need to be
So they made up a PAC and filled it with money
A pet RINO. Hillary with out the pant suit.

The electorate though is say'n Eeeewww to Jeb and his bullshit
Seems the common voters have had enough of it.
Common Core Obama Care and debt goin Crazy.
Its time to elect some one who loves this country.
We can Trump that. Cruz to easy street. Walker our way to better times.
Send the GOPe n CoC packin now ya hear?

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