Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Disgust (is putting it mildly)

The slippery slope applies to the flags as well as ,087.000marriage and other things the leftards want to attack. If you have not seen this, you need to take a moment and let it sink in. When they started on the democrat party flag circa 1861, I really had no opinion. The southern cross means nothing to me. The history rewrite to justify its resurgence was laughable to me. I know its history, but like bikers who want to have the German Iron Cross on their helmets, or a swastika, I don't give a hoot.
The POW MIA flag is an entirely different matter. I was too young to serve in Vietnam, but brothers, brothers in laws, cousins and some cousin's spouses did serve. My older siblings lost class mates, friends, a few enemies, and 58,148 of their generation in the fight to stop communist oppression. When I did join the Army, I served with many men who were veterans of that conflict, and a few who were vets of earlier ones.
Vietnam was a dirty war. Not to imply that earlier conflicts were any better, but with Vietnam, we experienced it in our living rooms for the first time ever. It was a golden age. We had no idea that the liberal press was a communist infested hell hole of lies and deception. We believed Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather, ignoring that we personally knew the sons daughters, neighbors and friends whom they slandered with their lies and Soviet inspired propaganda.
The dirt on our side was reported and magnified. The dirt on our ally, South Vietnam was distorted and magnified. The atroscities of the NVA, Viet Cong, Pathet Lao, and Khemer Rouge were completely ignored, or reported as retaliation or false flags. My Lai was presented to us as proof that every American boy who went in the military, all 9,087,000 of them were deranged.
Disinformationist Rick Perlstein likes to claim that the term MIA was invented by Nixon during the Vietnam war to Bolster support. IN fact, the term was in common usage during WW1 when modern battle techniques made it difficult to recover the dead in the heat of battles that raged for days or weeks, and seesawed back and forth over disputed territory. The Memorial to the missingof the Somme contains the names of 72,090 British and commonwealth troops who were never recovered, and are presumed dead. The Menin Gate in Belgium contains the names of 54,896 MIAs, and the Douaumont Ossuary contains 130,000 sets of unidentifiable German and French remains from the battle of Verdun.
MIAs are a real issue, one that holds entire families in its grasp.
POWs are another story. In Korea, the North Korean and Chinese Armies did not care one bit about the welfare of their prisoners. They did not submit lists to the International Red Cross, and as peace talks began, they changed the lists multiple times. at one point, 944 Americans, and 2460 Allied troops were believed to be POWs due to their names having been on lists submitted by the NorKs or ChiComs, but not on the later lists submitted at Panmunjon.
The 1627still missing from Vietnam is a small number compared to World Wars 1 and 2. They are never the less loved and missed by their families. People in Vietnam complain that much effort is spent on finding and returning the bodies of the American dead while none is spent on the missing of Vietnam. That is the choice their government made. They could, if they wanted, search for their missing. They might also search for the missing of the ARVN, but they choose not to. We care, they do not. We fought to keep them free, they did not care one bit until their freedom was gone.
Our MIA, KIA, and POWs are heros whom we want to remember and honor. The leftards want to continue to vilify them in their revisionist history as monsters when they are not.
Drop by News of the weakminded and let sick Rick know how you feel.

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