Friday, August 7, 2015


A ROPMA living in Texas purchased a tract of land. He wanted to have a place in the country to practice his religion of piss, build a mosque and invite his fellow jihadists over for a piece of goat tail.
The tract though was located right next to a hog farm. In an attempt to be neighborly, the ROPMA asked the farmer if he would care to relocate the swine operation. Now, if it was me, I'd have moved. the neighbor hood is going to hell on a rocket sled.
This farmer though had other plans. he organized pig races, and other festivities there right next door to satan's temple. Is this childish? is this the wrong approach? As far as I'm concerned, the splodydope can build his mosque elsewhere.
If I were the farmer though, I'd be worried about my fences. I'd hate for some swine to become contaminated because they got through the wire and wandered around the mosque.
Next up, he needs to get a good portable BBQ stand over there. Guess whats for dinner? Last weeks loser. Survival of the fittest, need a giant fan to keep the air circulating, wouldn't want the savory smell of BBQ to be wasted.

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