Thursday, August 13, 2015

Do conservatives want fair and balanced?

That is the way Bernie Goldberg has framed the backlash on Faux regarding Megyno's rabit skunk attack during the first debate. The over the top attacks on Trump have turned out to be a nightmare for Roger Ailes. His pandering to the money has conservatives pissed off! News Flash! We aint all stoopid, and none of us are as dumb as you must be to think we are.
Today the establishment GOP are the limosine liberals who aren't cut and dried communists. They want their socialism run through a filter, on the ice, and with a splash of water. They are not conservative in any way. in some cases, they ditched the demonics because the cost of a satanical congress critter was just too high whereas, the GOP could be had for a song. Every politician in Washington has his hand out 90% of the time. The other 10 is stuffing the collections in his pocket. WEhen they see challengers getting backers with deep pockets, they get scared. They then go looking for a deep pocket so they can post attack ads to match. People like Buffet and Soros know that and bank on it. While Rick Perry might not accept a contribution from Soros, he likely would from some smaller fish a couple layers down the food chain of Wall Street even knowing the zipperhead has his mouth firmly planted on George's ass.
In 1775 3% of the people who had had enough of the bullshit from the ruling class rose up and sent that low class pack packing. Today the elitists, worried about turning their millions into billions, want to short change the American people. Other countries compete with us in the manufacturing market because they have low cost (and barely worth it) health care. Ours is the finest in the world, but thanks to litigation and liars err lawyers, we pay through the nose for it. Their answer to rising health care costs is hellcare, the PPACA which does nothing to protect patients, or make it affordable.  The Wall streeters want it though, and since Bitch McConnell is bought and paid for, they will keep it.
Its not really a question of fair and balanced. Give people the truth. Yes, we can handle it. It's you who cannot handle how we might handle it that is your biggest concern.

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