Sunday, March 4, 2018

Build Wakanda

The fairy-tale land of the new movie black panther is supposed to be an African nation set apart, not by industrious builders nor ingenious inventors, but by the happenstance of a meteor containing Vibranium.  The movie twists parts of African culture into a web of modern western life. It ignores the reality that most of Africa is a series of shit holes and that Africa exports nothing except hungry mouths for Europeans to feed.
America has a multitude of problems with our own African descendants. High crime, low education, fatherless families. They have been the victims of many years of democrat abuse starting shortly after being freed. Jim Crow, the ku klux klan, all leading to the eventual new enslavement of the welfare state where blacks live in homes paid for by the government, eat food supplied by government, and vote reliably  democrat , the party who has been responsible for their enslavement. Daughters go on to resume the cycle having babies they cannot feed and cloth thus perpetuating the system. Sons go out and commit crimes that result in them being absentee fathers because they are locked in prisons.
Changes to the system to keep those men out of prison have failed as they continue their life of crime unless they, like Trayvon, meet their personal George Zimmerman.
It is time to try something else.
We spend roughly $50,000 per inmate to house feed and control criminals. Money well spent in that many of those criminals would be committing more crimes, more serious crimes, and ultimately killing or seriously harming some one in their belligerent quest for nothing.
Some places have tried work skills alternatives with mixed results. Convicts given a skill have a better chance, but often the combination of their past lives, old friends, and the stigma of being a felon impair their chances of moving forward. The track record is just not there, people who commit crimes have  low threshold for slipping back to the old ways because prison is not sufficient deterrence.
What would happen if we took criminals and instead of sending them to crime spree university, we taught them to operate a skid loader, then shipped them and the machine to Africa? Put them to work building Wakanda. There is plenty of work that could be done in Africa, roads to build, homes to create, natural resources to mine and develop.
And not just Africa, India and Pakistan could benefit as well as other nations.
Configure these men into teams, ten operators, two mechanics, one transporter, one fueler and other support personnel as needed. Their time would be the same as the max of their sentence, but if the commit any crimes while in Africa, they remain in Africa and are punished by the host nation as they see fit.
Some of these men might choose to stay, others would be incentivized to not want to repeat. Some won't care. The benefit is that we are spending one half the cost of one years incarceration over a span of on average five years and the world would benefit. They might return with plans to continue their life of crime, but they won't have the education provided by the hard core inmates who would otherwise be teaching them how better to avoid the cops, evade capture, and perfect their skills of anti social behavior.
It may never be a win, it is more socially acceptable than  hanging third time offenders which I strongly advocate.

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Gregory said...

Very good. I wish that there was some way to make that happen. Damn good idea though. Imagine it ! Some damned MS-13 member having to work and sweat. Some blacks, back in Africa, to work. Nope. Impossible.