Friday, March 2, 2018

Rethinking that arming teachers

After the most recent target rich environment shooting, I opined that we should arm teachers. President Trump and a slew of other conservatives are also of that opinion. Right on cue, Jesse Randal Davidson of Dalton  Georgia made it clear that some teachers are not fit to be armed. Him being exhibit one.
Administration stated that he was fit to be in a class room. Me thinks the admin needs replacing ASAP. Davidson as well.
If a person is not fit to own guns, and Davidsons were confiscated after he torched his car, they should not be teaching. Heck, they probably shouldn't be allowed on school property.
Our schools are failing us and our kids. From the continuous stream of child teacher affairs, to the New York teachers who  can't be fired, the unions have created a disaster and we are reaping the results. Lets not even talk about the vile crap they pound into our children's heads.
Maybe the best way to handle this would be to do away with public schools entirely. Give parents a voucher and let them decide who teaches their kids and what. Then let the teachers hang out a shingle. They can congregate at the old school building, or conduct classes in their own living room. Give every parent $6,000 per child and let them decide who and where. If they opt to home school, they don't get the money unless the kid passes standardized tests appropriate for their age.
So think about it, if a teacher has 20 kids, that is $120,000 per year. If they are good, they can command a premium and charge more. Well to do parents can get preferred service if they want. Mediocre teachers would still be able to rake in big bucks. If they can handle and educate ten kids, they pocket $60,000. If they have a room full of failures, they would get less. Make the vouchers performance based as well, Straight A students pay the full Monte, but failures net less, maybe some where in the 25% ball park. Of course, incorporate some serious testing. That way a parent has the option to shop around and get the best for their child if they care about them.
I am still in favor of arming good teachers. The bad ones can go pick cabbage.

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Gregory said...

Good ideas. I wish that they could happen.