Sunday, March 11, 2018

Looking forward

It's February 2021. Former President Trump, defeated and broke, walks into the bar at Mar-a-Lago, takes a seat at the bar. Other customers quietly shift away from the former titan of realestate. The bartender silently walks over and places DJT's favorite drink in front of him, then returns to tending other customers.
The former President silently sips his drink. Soon a tear appears at the corner of his eye. Silently he sips, and the tears come faster.
Finally a lull occurs and the bartender walks over to the Donald, tears now streaming down his cheeks. "What's wrong old friend?" he quietly asks.
Donald sighs and exclaims, "I ended obama care, and reversed the horrible toxic health care environment. Does anybody remember? NO!"
After a couple more sips, The Donald again speaks, "I reversed the policies of previous administrations and brought real job recovery to America. Does anybody remember? NO!"
A few more sips, and "I built the wall, deported millions of illegals, criminals, leaches, and reformed our immigration process to ensure America would always be first. Does anyone care? NO!"
Another sip, and "I brought North Korea to the bargaining table and we have peace and prosperity with out fear in eastern Asia for the first  time since 1948. Did any one notice? NO!"
One last gulp, and the destitute man exclaims, "I screwed with the Second Amendment just one time, did any of the voters forget? Not a one!"

And so here we are. When Donald John Trump threw his hat in the ring, I was at first skeptical. He wasn't my first second or third choice.
The man campaigned a whirlwind. He won supporters, and vanquished the establishment controlled members of the republican platform, and knocked them all out. He then went on to trash HiLlARy Criminal. Thank GOD for that.
Now the man has caved. I personally am not worried that much about what the government might do in the next few months, or even years. We have a tide that is sweeping the nation.
BUT, that ugly word, but. Oh, how I hate it... BUt President Trump isn't president for life. The next election might bring in another batch of satan's spawn. Kamala Harris is about to beat Dianne Feinstein to be the communist senator from California. We thought DIFi was bad, Harris is a quantum leap worse. Dems are not learning. They are not listening, and they don't give two shits about the Constitution. When, not if, they get back in power, it will be hell to pay. That a republican President disarmed us will be the bitter icing on the cake of America's demise.
We. Are. Screwed. AGAIN!
UP_DATE: Correction, Kamala Harris will be replacing DiFI as the SENIOR communist from California, not beating her. That honor looks to be going to DeLeon as Brian was kind enough to point out. Some times my brain and fingers don't communicate well. My bad.


Brian said...

DiFi didn't get the endorsement of the State Dems in CA. Most likely will be DeLeon who replaces her and he is a really left wing looney tune. Harris is the junior senator from the state currently after replacing Boxer (I work hard for the title you will address.....).

JeremyR said...

Thanks for the correction. I was in a hurry.