Sunday, March 18, 2018

Time to get rid of the FBI?

The federal Bureau of Investigation is in some serious trouble. Every week has brought new revelations of corruption and political sabotage. AG Sesions fired Andrew McCabe mere days before the criminal could have retired with full benefits. We have yet to find out if the swamp rat will be prosecuted.
If we look back at the history of the FBI, it is marred with many, too many incidents of abuse of power, and of the citizens it was intended to serve. From fiascos like the Branch Davidian massacre to the murder of LaVoy Finicum, they have stood over us like masters over slaves rather then as the servants of the nation they are intended to be.
Can we just get rid of them? I don't believe we can dump them like dirty water, there are too many real crimes which need to be investigated at a federal level, things that go beyond the scope or jurisdiction of state and local police, and some cover crimes they have no authority over.
What then? The status quo is no longer acceptable. Do we fire them all? Do we try to sort through the good and the bad? How to do it with out accusations of political influence, and corruption. The left is strong on painting the present administration with the crimes of the past. Every crime committed in darkness under Barry is now being claimed as happening with President Trump. If he were to rebuild the FBI, even if they were truly the brightest, best, and impeccably honest, the press would forever tarnish them.
Maybe instead, we totally revamp the whole idea of the FBI. Make it the TOP GUN of the Police in the nation. Instead of the FBI recruiting, have local, state, and other forces nominate candidates for the FBI. Once nominated, the candidate would be screened to make sure they are worthy of the appointment. Then, they would go to the FBI academy for training. Once they graduate, they would be assigned to regional offices based solely on a lottery. They would then serve a term of five years, but their term of service would not be in their home state. At the end of that five year period, they would then return to a local police force, entering that force as a patrolman for a period of one year before resuming investigative duties. If, for matters of investigative continuity, it were deemed essential, they could be extended for a period up to one year to complete an ongoing investigation.
Each class would receive evaluations. the top 10% would be eligible to return to the FBI for an additional two years in a supervisory role beginning three years after they were first discharged from the FBI.
The only opportunity for further service would be if nominated by the President to serve as the director, a deputy director, or regional director. Members of Congress and Senators would be able to nominate people for FBI positions just as they can nominate candidates for the Military academies with the express condition that the nominee must be a resident of their district, but cannot serve any of their time in that district.
Thus, every class at the FBI would consist of a group of approximately 3/4 seasoned investigators, and 1/4 new fresh blood. Those men and women would be replaced in their respective departments by outgoing investigators from the Bureau. Figuring on four or five classes per year, that would be a good rotation which would help to weed out bad eggs with in law enforcement.
It's not a perfect system, no system we design can be. It would create a system that would make it harder for a scum bucket like McCabe to rise to the top and remain for long. It would also provide enhanced training for departments through out the nation. The rotation system would keep gangs from forming easily with in departments. I also think we should make it where officer promotions would require a transfer to another department. A patrolman in Wichita who becomes a sergeant would have to transfer to another town in Kansas.

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Harold Joshua Cheadle said...

I definitely agree with you. The FBI is an evil organization.