Saturday, March 10, 2018

why the left loathes western civilization

It is an old article, but well worth the read. Dennis Prager wrote this in 2016.
He noted that students at Stanford voted on having a required course on Western civilization which they, the students, rejected by a vote of 1,992 to 347. Western civilization is demeaned and blamed for all the evil in the world. That is why a course on Western civilization needs to be taught. Today, it is not understood at all. My fear is that it would be a typical marxist scumbag teaching it or rather twisting it.
Western civilization brought standards to the world. If one looks back in time, when Western civilization was making great discoveries, most other people were living in mud or grass huts, living as nomads or hunter gatherers, and had progress little in terms of inventions. The bow was universal, but advances in it were hit and miss. For all practical purposes, it was the same instrument that existed when Noah and his sons walked off the ark.
European culture made advances, Chinese culture made advances. Trade between them spread that knowledge from one end of Europe to the furthest end of Asia, but the flow did not progress into Africa even though trade between Africa and Europe existed.
European culture gave us the wheel, it gave us the plow. Maritime advances in western civilization created ships that circumnavigated the globe. All through that time the America's and Africa were engaged in tribal conflict. So, why is that considered evil?
As Dennis points out though, mostly they fear our religions. Judaism and Christianity have set standards of right and wrong. The same might be said about islam, but they allow the buggering of sheep and goats, the stoning of women, and while homosexuality is banned, buggering little boys is just fine. I guess that the evil mongers of the left can sense that islam, is evil just like they are.

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