Monday, March 26, 2018

Of course she has a low IQ

Noor Salman is on trial for her part in helping her husband mad Omar slaughter 49 people at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando. After the prosecution rested, her liars began to make their case.
In opening statements, defense attorney Linda Moreno said Salman was a person with a low IQ who did not know “she would wake up a widow, and Omar Mateen a martyr for a cause that she didn’t support.”
No shit Sherlock! She worships the fake moon god  allah. What more proof is needed that her elevator doesn't go clear to the top? No excuse though. If she is smart enough to dress herself, make a meal, and wipe after she shits, she is smart enough to get strapped in a  chair and subjected to a long dose of high voltage, be shot with high powered rifles, or injected with toxic chemicals.
Maybe she knows that islam is pure bullshit. If she really believed it, she would believe that her actions would merit 72 virgins. Then again, she might be worried that those virgins would be as gay as her husband's victims.
Seriously, what do mooslime women get for their obedience? Is there a bevy of horny studs awaiting them? do they get to be the leading lady in some zero hero's stable of doe eyed desperately horny clueless babes? No, they get the same thing every other person who dies with out Christ gets, eternal damnation.
Beyond that, I don't care that her father in law was an informant. He probably steered the FBI the wrong way as much as he could. The media is acting like this is some grand revelation, but as I recall, there was scuttlebutt about it the day after the rampage. Makes me wonder how well the FBI's other informants are.

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Gregory said...

Damned FBI. Other informants? Prolly just a bunch of dopers and the FBI People know it. Everything about the FBI is bad and they need their shop door closed and a new shop opened with all new people.